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Our caps are provided with a foil seal to avoid any oil leakage from our production plan to you vehicle engine. Furthermore, we studied a wider cap to facilitate the oil pouring.

Xtreme is a complete line of lubricants for all your specific needs. It includes oil for cars, 2 and 4 stroke motorcycles, commercial vehicles, agricultural and industrial uses. Brake fluids, antifreezes and greases complete the product line.

We developed the C3 ECO SYNT line of products, based on the LOW SAPS technology. These lubricants are specific for vehicles with post-treatment systems that respect the environmental regulations for the reduction of polluting emissions in the atmosphere. We studied products with different SAE viscosity grades for passenger cars and heavy duty engines.

We produce high range lubricants based on the PAO/ester technology, 100% synthetic oils for modern vehicles, as well as semi-synthetic and mineral oils for less recent engines.

The SAE grade indicates the viscosity at low temperature (W for winter) and high temperature (100°C). This number is always in evidence on the front label as it the first requirement to select the correct lubricant for your engine. A low W viscosity oil has the advantage of speeding startup and minimising wear on cold start.