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Xtreme 6001 10W-60

API SM/CF – ACEA A3/B3/B4 – MB 229.1/229.3 – BMW LL 01 – VW 505.00 – PORSCHE

XTREME Fusto 208L

Product description

Xtreme 6001 10W-60 is a premium quality lubricant blended with synthetic base oils and selected additives, among which the friction modifier.

The synthetic base oil gives excellent high temperature performance and protection. The low viscosity helps fuel economy and emissions reduction. The presence of friction modifier maximizes power output by reducing internal friction.

This lubricant gives longer engine life and shows the following main benefits:

  • Excellent  low temperature fluidity  that gives fast oil flow on start up,
  • high oxidation resistance which reduces deposit formation,
  • enhanced engine protection against  wear.


Xtreme 6001 meets the hebelow reported specifications. It is intended for use in service typical of gasoline and indirect-injected diesel engines, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, for passenger cars and light vans.

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