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Xtreme 7005 5W-30

API SL/CF – ACEA A1/B1/A5 – FORD 913 A/B

Xtreme 7005 5W30 1L - AxxonoilProduct description

Xtreme 7005 5W-40 is a premium quality synthetic multi-grade lubricant blended with base oil after a severe hydrogenated isomerisation process and selected additives.

The high quality of base oil adopted and of additives utilized assure that the product can show  very good in service performances on engines fuelled by gasoline or diesel,  naturally aspirated or turbocharged, in passenger cars and in light vans.

This product gives the following main benefits:

  • suitable low temperature property to enable rapid lubrication after cold starting,
  • high oxidation resistance and wear protection to maximize engine life,
  • good detergency / dispersion properties for the best control of soot.


Xtreme 7005 meets the specifications reported below.

This product is intended for use in typical service of gasoline and diesel engines operating under vehicle manufacturers’   recommended maintenance procedures.

It is suitable for extended drain intervals as specified by the engine manufacturers and for use in high performance gasoline and direct injection diesel engines.

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