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CARS » Xtreme 8007 C3 ECO SYNT 5W-30

Xtreme 8007 C3 ECO SYNT 5W-30

API SN/CF – ACEA C2/C3 – MB 229.31/229.51/229.52 – BMW LL 04 – VW 504.00/507.00 – GM Dexos 2 – FIAT 9.55535-S1/S3

Product description

Xtreme 8007 C3 5W-30 is a fully synthetic lubricant from the C3 ECO SYNT line for modern gasoline and diesel engines, specifically designed to extend the life and maintain the efficiency of particulate filters.

Xtreme 8007 C3 5W-30 provides the following advantages:

  • prolonged life and maintained efficiency of particulate filters for diesel engines and catalysts for gasoline engines,
  • extended service intervals,
  • greater savings on fuel consumption,
  • excellent anti-wear protection,
  • better protection against the formation of sludge,
  • excellent performance at high and low temperatures.


Xtreme 8007 C3 5W-30 meets the low ash content (ACEA C3) requirement adopted by the automotive industry. It also respects the specifications of the major cars manufacturers for usage in diesel engines equipped with particulate filters and meets the latest VW, BMW and Mercedes-Benz specifications.

Xtreme 8007 C3 5W-30 respects the VW standard for all cars with extended service intervals and maintenance-free filtration systems of the particulate, without additives in addition to the fuel, in accordance with VW 504.00 (petrol engines) and VW 507.00 (diesel engines).


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