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Xtreme ATF S

GM DEXRON III – MB 236.1/236.5/236.10 – ALLISON C4 – BMW – VOITH G 607 (TRANSM. DIWA & MIDIMAT) – FORD MERCON – ZF TE – ML – 02F,03D,04D,09B,11B,14A,17C – MAN 339 TYPE F2

Product description

Xtreme ATF S is formulated with synthetic base oils and an appropriate additive package in order to give the product the properties required by DEXRON III and MERCON automatic transmissions.

This lubricant shows the following properties:

  • High Viscosity Index,
  • Good thermal and oxidation stability,
  • Good properties at low temperature,
  • Good Compatibility with metals and elastomers used.


Xtreme ATF S is recommended for automatic gearboxes, power steering systems, torque converters, hydraulic systems and all those automatic transmissions where a product ATF  Dexron III or MERCON is required.

The main advantages are:

  • High wear protection in case of high speed, torque and impact loads,
  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties,
  • Enhanced friction durability prolongs transmission life and promotes smooth shifting,
  • Increased clutch band and clutch pack capacity.

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