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ISO – L- HL DIN 51524 Part 1

XTREME Fusto 208L

Product description
The Xtreme BEARING series of products is formulated with carefully selected and refined bases along with an additive package expressly designed to give exceptional product thermal-oxidative stability, wear resistance, anti-rust and anti-foam properties.

The particular choice and refined base also provide excellent demulsibility and release of air.

The innovative additives package guarantees compatibility with all types of metals and seals normally used in industrial machinery.

The Xtreme BEARING series are recommended for all types of media plans and rolling bearings in all load conditions, even arduous.

Considered also the excellent demulsibility, this series is used in all floors of mills and generally in all those circulation systems where there are frequent water pollution and/or condensation.

Is also used in the lubrication of vacuum pumps aspiring air or saturated with moisture and also in some compressors whose appointments are subject to frequent condensate blowdown.

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