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DIN 51825 : KP2P -30


Product description

Xtreme COMPLEX grease is composed of high-quality base oils and Lithium complex soap with an exceptional combination of additives that offer excellent rust, corrosion resistance and very good EP performance.

Xtreme COMPLEX guarantees:

  • Excellent resistance to water washout,
  • Very good resistance to oxidation,
  • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces,
  • High wear protection and EP properties,
  • Low tendency to separate oil,
  • Wide temperature range of efficient operation,
  • Good resistance to corrosion and rust
  • Very good pumpability at low temperatures.


Xtreme COMPLEX is suitable for a wide range of general purpose industrial, automotive and other applications demanding EP and high temperature properties. It can be used as long life grease in roller bearings, water pumps, electric motors, couplings, cardan joints, in heavy duty wheel bearings axles, chains, cables, and in general wherever high efficiency greases are needed with severe requirements.

Xtreme COMPLEX is recommended for use at operating temperatures from -30°C to +160°C.

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