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Xtreme CVT

BMW Mini Cooper EZL 799A/ 83 22 0 136 376 – Chery CVT – Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler NS-2 – Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Mopar CVT+4 – GM/Saturn DEX-CVT – Hyundai/Kia CVT-1 – Hyundai/Kia SP III (CVT model – Nissan KTF-1 – Nissan NS-1, NS-2, NS-3 – Toyota CVTF TC – Audi Multitronic – Daihatsu AMMIX CVTF DFE/ CVT Fluid DC/ TC – Honda HMMF without start clutch/ HCF2 – Mazda JWS 3320 – MG Rover EM-CVT – Mini Cooper EZL 799/EZL 799A/ZF CVT V1 – Mitsubishi CVTF-J1/J4/J4+/SP-III only CVT – Renault ELf Matic CVT/CVT CK-SK-FK – Subaru iCVT/iCVT FG/ ECVT/NS-2 – Suzuki CVTF 3320/CVTF 4401/TC/NS-2/CVT Green 1 & 2 – Toyota CVTF FE – VW/Audi TL 521 16 (G052 516) /TL 521 80 (G 052 180 A2)

Xtreme CVT transmissionsProduct description

Xtreme CVT is a synthetic fluid for continuously variable transmissions suitable to meet the requirements of a wide variety of vehicles equipped with push-belt and chain CVTs.

Xtreme CVT shows following properties:

  • High oxidation stability,
  • High stable viscosity index,
  • Excellent Extreme Pressure and anti-wear performance,
  • Good properties at low temperature,
  • Good compatibility with metals and seals used,
  • Good balanced coefficient friction.


Xtreme CVT was developed for use in the latest generation of CVT transmissions.

The main advantages are:

  • Superior anti-shudder durability for enhanced driving comfort,
  • High level of both torque capacity and anti-shudder performance that provide:
    • Higher safety factor
    • Longer transmission life
    • Extended service interval

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