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Xtreme DOT 3

SAE J 1703 / J 1704 – FMVSS 116, DOT 3 – ISO 4925 class 3 – CUNA NC 956 DOT 3 – IVECO 18-1820 specifications.


Product description

Xtreme BRAKE FLUID DOT 3 is a synthetic fluid with a high boiling point studied for disc and drum brakes,

The main characteristics are:

  • High boiling point,
  • Low viscosity at -40 ° C,
  • Minimum swelling on rubber surfaces,
  • Anti-corrosive properties on all metals,
  • High lubricant power,
  • Good chemical stability.

A critical aspect of the brake fluids is their hygroscopicity. During the exercise, they tend to absorb moisture with consequent decrease in the boiling point. Therefore, prolonged braking action that heats the fluid can cause a vapour lock (formation of vapour bubbles). Xtreme BRAKE FLUID DOT 3 prevents this from happening.

It can be mixed with other brake fluids that meet the same specifications.


Xtreme BRAKE FLUID DOT 3 is designed to be used in the hydraulic brake and clutch systems of passenger cars and commercial vehicles with the exception of those systems where a mineral based fluid is recommended. Suitable for disc or drum brake systems.

Xtreme BRAKE FLUID DOT 3 continues to operate satisfactorily even with limited water contamination: its boiling point does not fall below 140 °C in wet conditions.

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