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Xtreme GEAR 140EP

API GL-5 / MIL-L-2105D

GEAR 140EP (85W140)

Product description

The Xtreme GEAR 140EP (85W140) oil is premium quality lubricant blended with selected base oils and appropriate additive package containing specific additives.

The Xtreme GEAR EP series of oils are able to maintain a satisfactory lubricating film on the surface of gear teeth so that serious grinding damage can be avoided upon starting under load.

These products show the following main properties:

  • very good EP performance,
  • excellent oxidation resistance,
  • high protection of moving parts against corrosion.


The Xtreme GEAR EP series of oils are recommended for the lubrication of all types of hypoid gears under severe loads, high relative sliding velocity between teeth and high operating temperatures.

They can be also used for normal gearboxes and steering boxes on cars and for gearboxes and final drive units on earth moving vehicles.

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