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Xtreme HYDRO

DIN 51524 PART II / HF-0 – HF-1 – HF-2

XTREME Fusto 208L

Product description

The Xtreme HYDRO line of products includes 4 hydraulic oils with ISO grades going from ISO 32 to ISO 100 and is formulated with carefully selected bases and a balanced additive package to ensure excellent performance in all hydraulic systems operating in a wide range of temperatures.

Its high anti-wear characteristic guarantees high protection for all types of pumps, from gear pumps to piston or vane pumps.

Other gradations are available on request.

Xtreme HYDRO has the following characteristics:

  • Good fluidity at low temperatures allowing cold start without oil preheating,
  • Excellent anti-wear properties,
  • High Thermal stability,
  • Great antifoam properties and oxidation resistance,
  • Excellent demulsibility,
  • Excellent compatibility with metals and seals usually used in hydraulic controls.


Xtreme HYDRO is designed to perform in the vast majority of hydraulic systems operating in strict conditions.  Its use may result in reducing the maintenance intervals of hydraulic systems improving production capacity and helping cost reduction owing to fewer breakdowns.

Thanks to its excellent anti-wear properties, Xtreme HYDRO can be employed in all those mechanisms and gears where EP characteristics are not required, as in the heads of machine tools and in high-speed bearings (also when heavily loaded).

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