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ISO 11158-HV- DIN 51524 PART III HVLP – Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2 – Cincinnati Milacron P70 (ISO 46) P69 (ISO 68)- Vickers I-286-S – M-2950-S – Afnor NFE 48-603/48-690/48-691

XTREME Fusto 208L

Product description

The Xtreme HYDRO HVI line of products includes 3 hydraulic oils with ISO grades going from ISO 46 to ISO 100 and is formulated with carefully selected bases and an balanced additive package to ensure excellent performance in all hydraulic systems operating in a wide temperature range. It has great antifoam properties and antioxidants that ensure longer stays in service.

Its anti-wear characteristics guarantee high levels of protection for all types of pumps.

Other gradations are available on request.

The main characteristics are:

  • • Good fluidity at low temperatures allowing cold start without oil preheating,
  • • High Viscosity index,
  • • Excellent demulsibility,
  • • Great resistance to oxidation and thermal stability,
  • Excellent compatibility with metals and seals usually used in hydraulic controls.


Xtreme HYDRO HVI line of products is recommended in hydraulic transmission systems where the fluids are subjected to strong variations of temperatures, and in hydraulic systems where small changes in viscosity with temperature fluctuations are tolerated.

Xtreme HYDRO HVI line of products can be used in all mechanisms and gears unless marked EP features, and in tested machine tools and very loaded bearings.

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