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Xtreme LITEX

DIN 515825: K00K-30 – DIN 515825: K1K-30 – DIN 515825: K2K-30 –
DIN 515825:K3K-30

Product description

Xtreme LITEX series of greases is produced with selected mineral oils and lithium soap thickener. These products can be used in all applications where there is no requirement for strong EP (extreme pressure) or in presence of shock loads.

Xtreme LITEX series of greases guarantees:

  • High resistance to oxidation,
  • Good structural stability,
  • High resistance to corrosion and rust,
  • High dropping point to use in a wide range of temperatures,
  • Good wear protection,
  • Good resistance to water washout for applications in the presence of humidity.


Xtreme LITEX series can be used as multifunctional grease for industrial applications subject to conditions of medium load and for centralized lubrication of plain bearings, guide bearings and sliding guides.

Xtreme LITEX series is recommended for use at operating temperatures from -30°C to +120°C.

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