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Xtreme Multitractor STOU 10W-30

API SF/CG-4 – ACEA E3 – API GL4 – ZF TE ML 06A,B, 07B – FORD M2C 159 B/C- 134D – JD J27/J20C MF M1135, M1139, M1143, M1144, M1145


Product description

Xtreme MULTITRACTOR STOU 10W30 is a premium quality multigrade lubricant based on highly refined mineral oils and selected additives. It gives outstanding performances in naturally aspirated or turbocharged diesel engines, transmissions and differentials with wet brake system and integrated hydraulic system.

It shows the following main benefits:

  • High oxidation resistance which reduces deposit formation,
  • Improved engine protection against wear,
  • Excellent low temperature fluidity,
  • Good detergency/dispersancy properties giving cleaner engine.



Xtreme MULTITRACTOR STOU 10W30 can be defined as a multifunctional product to be used on all types of agricultural engines, hydraulics, final drives, and oil-immersed brakes operating in agricultural service.

With the use of this product you can obtain the following benefits:

  • Increased engine cleanliness,
  • Best protection and durability of the engine,
  • Good cold start,
  • Excellent properties in hydraulic circuits,
  • Reduced wear on mechanicals parts.

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