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DIN 51502 : KPF2 K-30


Production description

Xtreme OMOKINETIC grease consists of highly refined mineral oils with a molybdenum disulfide additive and lithium soap thickener.

It is suitable for most lubrication requirements of vehicles and general industrial use.

Xtreme OMOKINETIC guarantees:

  • High resistance to oxidation,
  • Good stability and resistance to shear,
  • High thermic stability to high temperature,
  • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces,
  • High resistance to corrosion and rust,
  • High wear protection thanks to the presence of molybdenum bisulfide,
  • Good resistance to water washout,
  • Long service life.


Xtreme OMOKINETIC can be used for lubrication of bearings in industrial and construction vehicles and farm machinery; rolling and radial bearings subject to heavy loads and vibrations; constant velocity joints, universal joints, fifth wheels, joints, etc.

Xtreme OMOKINETIC is recommended for use at operating temperatures from -30° C to + 130° C.

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