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Xtreme PharmaWHITE

USP 31 – US FDA 21 172.878/178.3620(a) – NF 26 – BP 2008 – DAB – FUI XII Ed.

XTREME Fusto 208L

Product descriprion

Xtreme PharmaWHITE is a highly refined mineral white oil composed of saturated paraffinic and cycloparaffin hydrocarbons in lower proportion. The refining process ensures complete removal of aromatic compounds, sulfur and nitrogen.

The technologies used generate products that are highly stable over time as well as being hydrophobic, colorless, odorless and tasteless, which are suitable for direct or indirect contact with food and in application in contact with humans.

Xtreme PharmaWHITE guarantees absolute stability in all conditions of pressure and temperature and chemical inertia due to its paraffinic structure.

Available in all grades from SAE 15 to SAE 68. Other viscosity grades available upon request.

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