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Xtreme PREMIUM 0W-20

API SN/SN plus – ACEA C5-16 – ILSAC GF-5 – FORD WSS M2C947-A – FIAT 9.55535-GSX/DSX

Xtreme PREMIUM 0W20 1L

Description product

Xtreme PREMIUM 0W20 is a 100% synthetic lubricant made with carefully selected components, including PAO (polyalphaolefins) and high-technology additives to provide exceptional performance in modern gasoline or diesel engines, in order to ensure the highest level of protection in engines of last generation also with hybrid technology.

Xtreme PREMIUM 0W20 guarantees the following features:

  • High resistance to oxidation which reduces the formation of deposits,
  • Good detergent / dispersant properties that allow cleaner motors and mud protection
  • Increased engine protection against wear,
  • High fluidity at low temperature.


Xtreme PREMIUM 0W20 has a package of medium-low ash additives which, in addition to maintaining exceptional engine performance in both short and long distances, guarantees:

  • High protection of the particulate filter,
  • High reduction in fuel consumption,
  • Maximum power output and engine response speed,
  • Reduction of harmful emissions.

Xtreme PREMIUM 0W20 is indicated for use in service of gasoline and diesel engines, for hybrid cars and light vans where SAE 0W20 viscosity is required.

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