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Xtreme PREMIUM 5W-40

API SN/CF – ACEA C3 – MB 229.31/229.51 – BMW LL 04 – VW 502.00/505.00/505.01

Product description

Xtreme Premium 5W40 is a synthetic lubricant made with carefully selected raw materials and formulated to provide maximum protection to modern gasoline – diesel and competition engines.

This product is formulated with a blend of PAO/Ester and additives of high technology, which leads to improvements in lubricity, ensures excellent anti-wear performance and also improve cold start performance.

Xtreme Premium 5W40 ensures excellent performance at high temperatures and considerable respect for the environment, with a formula that guarantees fuel economy.


Xtreme Premium 5W40 is recommended for all new engine technology for cars and light vans with anti-pollution control devices where SAE 5W40 grade lubricant is required by the OEM.

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