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Xtreme TechnoWHITE Fibre

Product description
Xtreme TechnoWHITE Fibre is a technical white oil which following appropriate refining procedures, is free of aromatic hydrocarbons, both polynuclear as mononuclear, have the following hydrocarbonate composition:

Paraffinic carbons  60/65%
Naphthenic Carbons  35/40%

In its composition, it includes linear paraffins such as branched paraffins and, to a lesser extent, the paraffin cycles (as a function of the crude oil of origin).

Xtreme TechnoWHITE Fibre is a white stain-resistant oil to prevent stains on the material and fabric and to facilitate their removal. It has:

  • High thermal-oxidative resistance,
  • Great resistance to chemical degradation,
  • Good protection against rust and corrosion.

Xtreme TechnoWHITE Fibre guarantees absolute stability in any condition of pressure, temperature and chemical inertia due to its paraffinic structure.

Available in all grades from SAE 15 to SAE 68. Other viscosity grades available upon request.

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