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Xtreme THERMICsynt


XTREME Fusto 208L

Product description

Xtreme THERMICsynt is a fully synthetic oil with ISO 32 viscosity grade.  Its special additive makes it suitable for high temperature operation. This oil possesses an excellent thermal stability, high specific heat, high flash point and low vapour pressure at different temperatures.

These properties provide maximum resistance to cracking, easier starting in cold and adequate fluid circulation systems in plants, safety against fire risks and lack of cavitation phenomena of pumps that would make uneven heat transmission, absence of corrosion on metals commonly used.

Due to the special synthetic base, it can be employed in a wide range of temperatures, leading to the freezing temperatures of -30° c.

It also provides:

  • Easy start at low temperature,
  • Maximum resistance to cracking phenomena,
  • Excellent fluid flow regimes in the plants,
  • Abscence of cavitation phenomena of the pumps that would cause irregular transmission of heat.

Xtreme THERMICsynt is used in conventional closed diathermic plants installations at medium-high speed of movement, operating in a temperature range from -15 to +300°C, in double-cycle operation (heating and cooling) and in all thermal equipment in which the surface of the hot oil is in direct contact with the atmosphere.

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