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Xtreme THT 10W30 UTTO

API GL4 – ZF TE ML 03E, 05E – FORD M2C 134D – JOHN DEAR J20C – MF M1135, M1143, M1145 – VOLVO WB101 – CASE NH MAT 3525-3526

XTREME Fusto 208L
Product description

Xtreme THT 10W30 UTTO is a multigrade oil, particularly suitable for hydraulic circuits and in transmission systems, brakes and clutches in an oil bath.

The quality base oils together with a neat package of additives provide exceptional cleaning power and excellent protection against wear of mechanical components, even under severe operating conditions.

It shows the following characteristics:

  • Excellent anti-wear ability and detergency/dispersancy,
  • Excellent low temperature fluidity,
  • Exceptional oxidation resistance.


Xtreme THT 10W30 UTTO can be defined as a product to be used in agricultural machinery that make it suitable for use in transmissions, hydraulic systems, differentials, final drives and power take-offs and hydraulic lifts.

With the use of this product you can obtain:

  • Good flow characteristics in gears even at low temperatures.
  • High anti-foam and anti-rust power.
  • Guarantees extremely silent operation.

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