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Din 51515 Part 1 BS 489 CEI 10-8

XTREME Fusto 208L

Product description
Xtreme TURBINOIL series of products is formulated with carefully selected and refined bases along with a package of additives without zinc, which gives an excellent chemical stability and oxidation in addition to high wear, rust and oxidation protection, and excellent demulsibility.

It also has:
• Excellent fluidity at low temperatures,
• Good viscosity index ,
• Outstanding compatibility with metals and seals normally used in turbine.

Xtreme TURBINOIL is recommended for all types of gas turbines and steam-powered either with or without gears.

It can also be used on combined-cycle turbines but, according to what is recommended by manufacturers of these machines for cleaning requirements, subject to a final filtration of the product after filling the turbine.

Finally, given the marked anti-wear additives without zinc, it can be used in bearings and sliding and in circulation in the available viscosity applications.

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