Our Oils under your Brand


Private labelling is more than putting your company’s name and logo on a bottle of lubricant. It is a presentation of your company, your identity, and your reputation. The products that you choose to private label should meet the same high standards that you set for your company.

With the right private label program, you can differentiate your products from off-the-shelf products that can be purchased almost everywhere and where the only way to compete is by imposing a lower price.

Private label products are available only from your company, at the prices you set independently, in order to convince the customers to re-purchase from your company.

But when you put your logo on a lubricant, bottled by a third party, it needs to be one you can trust. AxxonOil has been in the lubricant business from the early 90’s and our teams are made of experiences and knowledgeable professionals.

AxxonOil is focusing on private labelling segment through its product development and marketing department that can provide all the support you may need at every stage of the process.

Product development
Development of your product range and related formulations, specific for your market and your customers.
Selection of packaging
A wide range of bottle shapes and colours (from as little as 500mL to bulk trucks), many colour options for caps.
Custom Packaging
Professional study and design of your labels, in accordance with your desire and to national and international regulations, and personalized boxes.
Quality control
Fully automated production under strict quality controls (in-house laboratory).
After-sales services
Technical data sheets, MSDS and certificates of analysis.
Storage of your packaging and products in our warehouses.
Dealer shipping
Direct dispatch to countries of your choice to help you avoid the cost and hassles of transportation.