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AxxonOil, always sensitive to environmental issues, is pleased to introduce the new ecofriendly and biodegradable hydraulic oil: the Xtreme HYDRO BIO 46.

AxxonOil expands its range of transmission fluids with the new product Xtreme CVT, suitable for continuously variable automatic transmissions. For further details, visit Xtreme CVT

AxxonOil is proud to announce that Xtreme oils, greases and coolants are now EAC certified.

We have updated the specifications of our top of the range Xtreme ATF VI

Xtreme 9001 0W30 Xtreme 8001 C3 ECO SYNT 5W30 Xtreme 5001 5W40

AxxonOil is pleased to announce that the Xtreme 8003 C3 ECO SYNT 5W40 motor oil has passed all the due tests and is compliant with the requirements of the Mercedes-Benz Specifications for operation fluids, sheet 229.51, and has been therefore approved for the respective Mercedes-Benz vehicles and assemblies. We remind you that the Xtreme 8003 […]

AxxonOil is proud to announce that our motor oil Xtreme 8003 C3 ECO SYNT 5W40 has passed all the due tests and has been officially declared suitable for use in Volkswagen petrol and diesel engines, including engines with turbochargers. Therefore it has been approved under the VW Standards 502.00/505.00/505.01. For further details, visit Xtreme 8003 C3 […]

AxxonOil introduces its news ECOLOGICAL coolant: Xtreme VIOLETFREEZE with the G13 specification. For further details, visit Xtreme VIOLETFREEZE

AxxonOil presents the latest innovation in automatic transmissions fluid: Xtreme ATF VI

AxxonOil combined its decades-long experience in the lubricants production with its constant attention to market updates to create the ROMA line, a wide range of ultra-modern products. These products are formulated to obtain the highest market specifications to guarantee maximum performance levels. The accurate selection of bases and additives insures top quality to the ROMA […]

AxxonOil presents the new Monte Carlo products line. Strong point of the Monte Carlo line are the high quality lubricants for diesel, gasoline and four-stroke engines. These oils are the results of the constant research carried in the AxxonOil testing laboratory, with a single goal in mind: to develop a range of lubricants able to […]

Xtreme C3 ECO SYNT is a complete range of lubricants with low ash content, based on the LOW SAPS (Low Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur) technology.