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CARS Full Synthetic, Synthetic and Mineral lubricants that guarantee the highest performance standards and reliability for gasoline and diesel engines.
MOTORCYCLES Oils for 2 stroke and 4 stroke motorcycles according to the latest API, JASO, ISO and European and Japanese constructors specifications.
COMMERCIAL VEHICLES Heavy Duty range for the multiple needs of the commercial vehicles with SHPDO and UHPDO products and homologations from the main manufacturers.
TRANSMISSIONS Transmission oils for cars and commercial vehicles and ATF that comply with the requirements of main cars and automatic gear boxes manufacturers.
AGRICULTURE Oils for agricultural and earth-moving machines STOU and UTTO to lubricate engine, transmissions, brakes and clutches with only one product.
HYDRAULICS High quality lubricants to be used as functional fluids in every kind of hydraulic systems, available in the viscosity gradations from 32 to 100.
GREASES Greases for heavy duty and earth-moving equipments as well as industrial and nautical applications.
ANTIFREEZES Antifreezes for all seasons characterized by a modern inhibition which grants high protection against rust, corrosion and foam.
BRAKE FLUIDS DOT brake fluids for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles and special fluids for brakes and suspensions of PSA Citroen and Fiat LHM.
MARINE Wide range of products for nautical uses: 2T or 4T outboard, pleasure craft (yacht), fishing boat and large ships (bunkering).
WHITE OILS Exceptionally pure mineral white oils for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors and technical white oil.
INDUSTRIAL OILS Wide range of products for conventional and big industry.