We are pleased to announce the enrichment of our Marine range, dedicated to lubricants for nautical engines. With the introduction of six new products tailored to various engine types and operating conditions, we further strengthen our commitment to consistently produce high-quality products to best meet the specific needs of our customers.



These oils have been specially formulated for outboard motors, ensuring optimal lubrication across a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions. Their viscosity grades ensure reliable engine protection, reducing friction and extending the lifespan of components.


INBOARD 10W40 and INBOARD 15W40:

Inboard motors require a lubricant tailored to their unique needs, and these oils have been developed specifically to meet those requirements for both diesel and gasoline engines. Their premium formulation ensures excellent protection against wear and corrosion, keeping the engine efficient and reliable over the long term.


Marine grease:

This white grease provides superior lubrication for a wide range of marine applications, including bearings, anchor winches, hinges, and more. Its calcium sulfonate-based formulation ensures excellent water resistance and corrosion protection.


With the introduction of these new products, we can boast a complete range of marine lubricants capable of meeting the most specific needs of our customers. Whether it’s outboard or inboard engines, in low or high temperatures, we have the right product for every situation.